Another Sunday Prep Day – 03/13/11

13 Mar

We lost an hour?!?! Man! I need that extra hour. When I was little I used to love losing an hour. It would make the day go by so much faster. But now, I need any extra minute I can get. Oh well, guess I’ll have to adjust or work faster.

The weather was sort of weird today. Earth couldn’t decided whether to rain or not to rain. It was just eeeeh. Two weeks ago when Nom Nom Paleo said that she was ordering a half pig from Full of Life Farm, I checked their website and decided to order a 10# sampler. Whole9 says that pork isn’t the best choice of protein, but if you eat it, make sure it’s pasteurized. Full of Life Farm has a stand on Sundays at the Mountain View Farmer’s market, and you can pick up your order there. It’s a very popular stand, but they aren’t a local farm. So, I got a chance to get my hubby to go with me to the Mountain View Farmer’s Market to pick up our good eats. The 10# sampler included a pork butt, bacon, ground pork, tenderloin, chops, and spareribs. I also ordered 10# of grass-fed beef and a stewing chicken to use later on this week. I can’t wait to taste it! We walked along the farmer’s market, and I picked up a bunch of fruit and greens. I know, I’m splurging on fruit…but hey! I’m PREGNANT!

Anyways, I didn’t cook THAT much today, but I still felt like I was in the kitchen ALL THE TIME! Maybe it’s because I was worried my Bun Bo Hue wouldn’t turn out good. So, what did I make today…roasted a bell pepper, meat sauce with grass fed beef for hubby’s spaghetti, and boiled some bok choy and broccoli. I still had cauliflower fried rice from last week, and I plan on finishing it early this week.

As for eats, I was tempted today with dim sum! But before I get to that, let me say that I snacked on fruit almost all day(grapes and apples). For breakfast, I had cauliflower fried rice with meat sauce(no sugar tomato sauce).

For lunch, we were going to my Mom’s house because little munchkin’ stayed with them while we went to the farmer’s market. My parents didn’t have anything Paleo or Whole30 approved for me to eat, so I decided to pick up some Chipolte on the way home. I got a salad with half carnitas/half pork with tomato salsa, red salsa, and gauc(on the side). No more steak for me, because it’s cooked in soybean oil. Same goes for the veggies. I just ask for extra lettuce!

For dinner, I had a small bowl of bun bo hue and I added a few slices of top round to it. Instead of the noodles, I used kelp noodles. So good! Yummy, and Whole30/Paleo approved.

It was sort of hard this weekend to stay clean, because I kept asking myself, why do I need to stay clean? I’m not doing Whole30 anymore, so why can’t I cheat or have something I’ve been thinking about. Then I think back to the Whole9 Nutrition workshop and what I learned. I also think about the fact that I’ve been clean for so long(well not that long), and wonder if the cheat is worth it. Am I going to break my 34 days of clean eats with a piece of dark chocolate? Or with a sweet egg custard bun? Is it really worth it? And what happens afterwards? Will I be able to just eat that 1 thing, and then go right back to clean eating? History has shown that no I can’t just can’t have 1 cheat, I need to binge. *SIGH* So that is what is bugging me right now. How can I enjoy something IN MODERATION, not feel guilty about it, and go back to clean eating right away?


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