Annie visits CFPA – 03/14/2011

14 Mar

My stupid iPhone alarm woke me up an hour early today. I swear the alarm said to wake up at 4:15, but at 3:15 I was awake thinking that my phone clock was wrong. So pissed that I lost a good hour of sleep. When I did get out of bed, I was thinking about not going to CFPA, but it was the last day to work on Snatches, so I went.

I didn’t PR or anything with the Snatch. I couldn’t even get good form with weight that I’ve done before.

Snatch: 53#(3)/63#(3)/73#(1)/78#(1)/78#(1)

I was very wobbly during my first 78# attempt, so I decided to do it again. Form was way better, but it still felt heavy. Not happy with it, but what can I do. Hopefully next time I can try harder and get a good number in when I’m not carrying 25#s of extra baggage. 🙂

Our “get the rust” off WOD today was Annie.

Annie: 50-40-30-20-10 of Double Unders and Ab-mat situps

When Tim put this on the board, I immediately though it was going to take me close to 20 minutes, considering how my double unders have been in the last few WODs. I usually trip over the rope and don’t get a good steady rhythm going. But to my surprise, when I got to do the first round of double unders, I got close to 25 straight! Of course, I had singles in there, so that took away time to finish early and it also made me extra tired. The ab-mat situps were fine, just had to get through them. I can’t believe I’m still doing sit-ups. I never did them when I was pregnant with little munchkin’, because people say to never do workouts on your back. But now, I feel sort of comfortable doing it, and when I don’t feel comfortable anymore, I’ll probably sub them out with something else. Every single round of double unders, I started off really really good, so that helped me with my time. I think my previous time was around 16/17 minutes doing it at home, in a garage, by myself. So DUH…I took my time. Today, I got 12:46! I’m glad I did this right next to fitbomb, because it pushed me to go faster and just focus on trying to catch up with him. Love the intensity!

Great job with my fellow five tribe members!


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