Good eats – Day 36 of Whole30(03/14/2011)

15 Mar

I woke up this morning and got a great workout at CFPA. As soon as I got into the car I munched on two slices of Organic Roasted Turkey Breast deli meat with some sweet potatoes. It was a little messy trying to eat in the car and drive…I know, dangerous! But it sure was yummy!

I got to my desk and worked till 9:30, then I scarfed down some brussel sprouts with tuna salad. I know, weird combination, but it worked. Sorry, no pics. I heart brussel sprouts, but for some reason I always has a burnt taste to them. I think I’m cooking it on a high temperature for too long, so I’ll try fixing that.

I snacked on an apple and some macadamia nuts throughout the day.

For lunch, I had some cauliflower fried rice and roasted bell peppers with spaghetti meat sauce. That held me over, and then I munched on a primal pac around 4.

I didn’t have to cook dinner because we still had a huge pot of Bun Bo Hue. I just had to boil up some chicken for the little munchkin’ to get his dinner ready. He’s been stuck on chicken with broccoli mashed together in chicken broth. 🙂 So I ended the day with a bowl of Bun Bo Hue with Kelp Noodles. I stuck some bok choy in there for greens, because like all Vietnamese soup dishes, there are really no greens in them except for the mints.

Hmm…I also had an orange and asian pear around the time I got home until bedtime. Yes, too much fruit. What’s a girl to do?! Day 36 of clean eating…WOO HOO!


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