Clean eating stops…SORTA

16 Mar

So before I explain this wonderful title, I’ll just tell you what I did eat today that was full on Paleo/Whole30 goodness.

After my workout at CFPA, I had some roasted sweet potatoes with 3 slices of roasted turkey breast. Then as the morning went on, I had 4 soft boiled eggs. I didn’t bring any veggies for breakfast..bad!

I didn’t eat lunch until 1, and I scarfed it down. I remembered to take a picture half way through the meal. It was left over Peking Duck Legs with Cauliflower Fried Rice. I also had some blueberries with coconut milk.

I spent the afternoon not focused and thinking about foods I missed. I kept looking at some old Vietnamese dessert recipes that looked so good, and remembered saying I wanted to try it. I just kept searching and searching for different ones. Then I thought to myself, I can’t eat this, why am I even looking. Why even tempt myself? Why go there? Well, it’s because I know the time will come when I’m going to have that cheat meal, but I’m afraid of that moment. I’m afraid of going there, because I might binge, and just continue eating dirty unhealthy foods. I’m afraid I’ll be out of control!

I started to read Whole9’s post about eating dirty part 1 and 2. One thing that I took away from the readings was that I need to have something non-Paleo once in awhile just to BE SANE! Spending my working hours drooling over recipes that I know contain way too much sugar and trying to “PALEOFY” tells me that I am not SANE. It also tells me that if I cheat, I’m going to cheat big. I shouldn’t be looking at dessert recipes, and try to “PALEOFY” them. Paleo should be about eating simple whole foods that don’t really need to be “PALEOFIED”, if that makes any sense. If I want something unhealthy, eat a little bit just to satisfy the craving, and then go back to clean eating again. That little satisfaction will not hurt my health if I don’t indulge everyday.

So, to keep my sanity, I decided at 8:30PM to have a piece of 82% Scharffen Berger Dark Chocolate.

I was never really fond of Dark Chocolate until some members of The Five Tribe bought some for my birthday. I chose this item because it was as close to Paleo as possible but still sugary enough to fullfill the craving. So, I had the piece of chocolate and I’m not going to eat anything dirty again until maybe the Saturday.

I know Whole9 says to not plan cheats, but I’m going to a baby shower on Saturday, and there will be some homemade desserts that I might indulge in. This is another reason why I wanted to eat my first cheat item today, so that I don’t binge on Saturday. If I’m hungry, I will eat whatever protein and fat I find at the event. And if there are some irresistible desserts, I might try a few, and NOT go overboard.

The day after a cheat is usually the hardest because I usually think about cheating again. But I will stay strong, and not give in. I have to remember that eating healthy is getting me through this pregnancy, and it’s getting me through the WODs. I would die if I couldn’t do a WOD again because I got too big too fast. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

Oohh, and for dinner I had Bun Bo Hue with Kelp Noodles. I think we have at least 3 or 4 more servings that will hopefully last until the weekend.

Hope everyone’s hump day was good!


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