You Win Some, You Lose Some

16 Mar

Ugh, I was almost late to the 5AM class this morning. Little munchkin’ was not happy last night, and it took me almost an hour to get him to calm down. It sucks when your baby can’t talk! Anyways, my alarm went off, and I thought I was up, but I was actually still in bed. You ever get those type of dreams, where you think you are already doing something when you aren’t?

I didn’t want to miss today, because it was Front Squat day and I already missed last Wednesday.

Front Squats: 63#(3)-93#(3)-103#(3)-123#(1)-135#(1)-140#(1) PR

YAY, I was hoping for a PR today. The last time I did it, I failed at 138#. A few tips that I heard Tim tell the other guys was to control the movement when squatting. Don’t just flop into the squat, and lose control of going back up. So with 140# on the bar, I went into the movement knowing it was going to be heavy. I tend to think about the load on the bar a lot as I do the movement, and that just makes me unfocused. I know the load is heavy already, just get over it, take a deep breath, and slowly get into that squat. The last rep wasn’t pretty, but I did it! Happy dance, happy dance!!!

Eeeeh, my internal happy dance soon went away when I saw the WOD on the board.

30-20-10 Reps for Time:
Wall Balls(14#)
Pull Ups

I just couldn’t get into a good rhythm with the wall balls, and could not make it over the 10′ mark. Pull ups sucked, and burpees were slow. The bad part was Tim cut us off at 15 minutes, and I was only on my second rep of the last 10 in wall balls. BLEH! Met-con/Cardio WODs are not my thing right now. Also, my form on the burpees were not good at all. Not sure if I should be doing the women’s push ups know since my belly is getting bigger and bigger. I am definitely doing this 100 day burpee challange after I give birth.

Like I said, you win some and lose some.

(Side Note: The first sectional games workout was posted last night,and it looks like a good one. One that I can definitely do because the weight of the Snatches is not too heavy. I’m sure it’s killer though, and wish everyone the best of luck getting their best times, rounds, reps EVER!!)


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