18 Mar

Today is our last day for Strength workouts this month, and it was strict pull ups day. I lost some strength between last week and this week, because I couldn’t get my chin over the bar for 1 BW pull up. I’m definitely sad about that. I stayed with the pink band doing 4 rounds of 5 reps. Then I tried over and over again to do a BW pull up. BLEH!

Here was CFPA’s Friday WOD:

500m row
21 SDHP(65#)
500m row
21 Push Jerks(65#)
500m row
21 Thursters(65#)

I did ok with the first 500 m with rowing, but then came the SDHPs, and those were hard. I thought they would be the easiest out of the 3 lifts, but I think because watermelon is getting bigger, I had bring the bar around my belly to lift it up. Therefore, I’m not really using my hips to get good form, and I’m pulling with my arms more. Then the WOD just went downhill from there. I think my strongest lift was the push jerks. Rowing just sucked, and I just wanted to get it done. I’m glad I did everything RX’d, and I am happy that I can still do these lifts RX’d considering I’m 6 months pregnant. Yes, I’m crazy! But not working out is crazy.

Result: 15:30

Have a great weekend everyone. Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m going to a baby shower and will be tempted with yummy desserts.


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