Thursday(03/17/2011) Clean Eats

18 Mar

Sorry..I’m behind and have to do a quick post. I intended to workout this morning, but nope didn’t get to the company gym in time.

For breakfast I had some tuna salad with 1/4 of an avocado. It wasn’t much.

For lunch I had 1 roasted peking dug leg with some cauliflower fried rice. It was a little messy because I had the whole leg. I should of shredded the meat at home. Oh well, still tasted YUMMY!

I also had some Vita Coco to wash it all down.

I munched on a primal pac while getting my mane done. I didn’t get out of the salon until 6:30. I rushed home so I could help hubby put little munchkin’ to bed. We still had some Bun Bo Hue left, so I put together a small bowl with Kelp noodles. No greens in this one tonight. Then I munched on some mangoes and blueberrries with coco butter. I burnt the coco butter this time. I’m not having any success with this stuff. I’ll try again tomorrow.


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