03/28/2011 Clean eats

19 Mar

Hmm…I’m trying to remember what I ate yesterday. I know I mindlessly snacked all day because it was my day off and we were stuck at home(sorta), because of the pouring rain.

For breakfast, I had some eggs, turkey deli meat, and avocado. Whenever I feed the little munchkin’ I’m trying to not feed him rice cereal. Every since he’s been able to eat solids, I’ve given him rice cereal or oatmeal every morning. He seems to like it. For instance, he ate most of the roasted sweet potato, hard boiled egg, avocado, and deli meat that I gave him. YAY! Some success, but I don’t think it really keeps him full.

Anyways, for lunch I stopped by Chipotle on our way home and got a carnitas/chicken salad with tomato salso, hot salsa, and a side of guacamole. I love their guac, so damn tasty! For some reason I thought my order DID NOT contain any soy, but I checked the ingredients list again, and the chicken contains soybean oil. *SIGH* That was a failure. Guess my only choice now is carnitas. I hate being limited! But still, Chipolte salad is very tasty even with the limited choices. Especially if you are in a crunch.

I snacked mindlessly from 3-6 on coconut milk and mangoes.

For dinner, hubby quickly cooked up a grass fed top sirloin steak. He marinated it with Emeril’s Creole Seasoning. We had it with roasted bell peppers. I know, I’m slacking on the veggies, but honestly I was freakin’ lazy to put any greens together.

And that’s that! Hope everyone eats well during the weekend. I’m going to try my best, but I know I’ll already have some desserts at the baby shower I’m going to in a couple of minutes.


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