Diirty Eats 03/29/2011

20 Mar

Okay, I had my SWEET GOODIES. I’m not perfect, and don’t plan to be. But I did feel a little bit guilty afterwards about how I couldn’t control myself. I’m over it now, and it’s all about what I do afterwards.

All day I ate really well, and so did my little munchkin’, until we went to two parties. SIGH!

Before 4:30, we had eggs, avocado, and snacked on turkey deli meat. I didn’t have anything really prepared for lunch, so I cooked up some cauliflower fried rice with kale and Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage from Trader Joe’s(ingredients were clean).

Once I got to the party, I didn’t really eat anything. Little munchkin’ was clinging onto my hip, so all we did was munch on fruit. After we all settled in, BFF brought the hidden Thin Mint cupcakes out!

Was it worth it? YES! And I won’t be having these that often because a friend from high school makes them and sells them. I’ll admit, I think I had a total of 3 thin mints, and 2 guavas. Ya, no control. Then I had some egg custard with caramel sauce. What it worth it? YES! Because no one makes flan like one of my BFF’s in-laws does. πŸ™‚

So, I thought that was going to be it, until I saw some hot fried rice, and I had a really really small serving. HOMEMADE TOO. So unless I live at that house, I probably won’t eat it again.

I left the party feeling extra full, and it was basically off of desserts! OOOH, and all that dairy was getting to me already. Afterwards, I had to go to my in-laws which I knew I would be forced to eat again. There was nothing really Paleo for me to eat. They had HOMEMADE egg rolls, which my FIL kept telling me to eat. I took 1/4 of a bite. They weren’t big egg rolls either, just tiny thin HOMEMADE ones. I had a small bowl of soup with bamboo shoots. I’m sure my MIL put sugar in there, and she didn’t use any of the Premium FIsh Sauce that I gave her yet.

One thing I did have that was bad was MORE DESSERT! There is this dessert(or Che in Vietnamese) called Che Xoi Nuoc, that I love. And one of MIL/FIL’s friend made it. It was HOMEMADE, which I won’t be having a lot, so I had 4 small balls without the mung bean inside. Yes it was good, and it satisfied my sweet tooth.

Notice the keyword here: HOMEMADE! These items, I will only be having on a special occasion, because these people will only make them on special occasions. LOL. I guess I could of had 3 cupcakes instead of 5. Maybe just 1 tiny serving of flan instead of trying 3 different flavors. The dairy and sugar are really playing with me right now. We’ll see how I clean up in the next few days. I don’t plan on slippin’. πŸ™‚


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