03/21/2011 – Clean Eats

21 Mar

Oooh Mondays, so glad it’s over now! I was able to get up and get a good WOD in at CFPA. I had some roasted sweet potatoes wrapped in deli roasted turkey slices from Applegate Farms.

I did some surfing once I got to my desk, then had some breakfast to start my day. It was just two fried eggs and roasted broccolini.

Around 1pm, I had my lunch! YUMMY! It was BBQ pulled pork with cauliflower fried rice and broccolini. The fried rice had some shrimp and chicken sausage in it. Sooo good.

I didn’t have any snacks on hand, so when I got home I ate some strawberries, half an avocado, and more deli roasted turkey slices. That kept me full until 7:30, when I ate dinner by myself. Hubby is going to be working late for the next week or so because baseball season is starting. SIGH! Anyways, dinner was good, and I didn’t have to cook a lot. 🙂

I had an orange for dessert! Hope everyone survived this rainy/sunny Monday.


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