Bloody Box Jumps – 03/21/2011 WOD

21 Mar

This week at CFPA, we are back to doing just full WODs. These WODs can usually last between 15 to 30 minutes, so they are much longer than the WODs we normally do when doing Strength sets as well.

Here’s today’s workout:

5 Rounds For Time
7 Overhead Squats(95# was Rx’d Women’s Weight)-63#
14 Box Jumps(20″)
21 Abmat-Situps

I had a feeling we’d be doing OHS today, but I thought we might be doing Nancy instead. I went with 63# because that was the weight I felt that I could snatch up comfortable. The OHS were pretty easy, although I was losing my core strength towards the end of round 4 and 5. AND, when I was doing the box jumps during Round 5, I almost fell again. It left a bloody scratch on my shin. I already have one on my left leg, and now I have one on my right. Great…my legs are going to be scarred up because of these Plyo boxes. I gotta stay focused when I’m tired. Scars are not sexy! LOL.

In the end, Tim said the weight was way too light because I went through all the sets unbroken. Yes, I could of gone heavier, and probably should of. I’ll make a rule for myself that I should always be able to do the sectional OHS weight that was prescribed in 2010. 75#! I’ll remember that next time.

Result: 11:47


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