The Day After…-03/20/2010

21 Mar

It was a rainy Sunday, and I woke up feeling refreshed. Even though I went to sleep bloated and uncomfortable. It’s the usually cooking and cleaning with the family, but I had to squeeze in a Brunch at Flames with my GFs. We haven’t gotten together since Christmas time, and I was able to see them twice in one weekend?!! WOO HOO!

For breakfast, I had some fried eggs. I made little munchkin’ some fried eggs and roasted sweet potatoes. He ate it ALL. I’m not sure if I’m giving him enough food, because he usually eats a big bowl of rice cereal. Oh well, he’ll probably go back to that at the grandparents house on Monday. For this week’s good eats I put a Pork Butt into the Crockpot for 8 hours. I’m making pulled pork based off of Primal-Palate’s recipe. They recommend to put stevia or honey, but I decided to put some tamarind paste. In the Thai dishes, a lot of tamarind paste is used to inject some sweetness into the dishes, so why not using in BBQ sauce. YUMMY! Anyways, we’ll have that for a good week.

I was DD for Flames, because the girls wanted to enjoy their bottomless Mimosas! Let’s just say, they got their money’s worth…and then some. I had a good time, and we had some great laughs. Too bad the rest of the girls weren’t there. Next time though, I think I want to host a dinner at the house. I can make some good eats(KALE ANYONE??!), and then we can just chill and hang out like always.

I started off with a few servings of sweet potato fries(we had 2 orders).

Then I had 2 over-easy eggs with a smoked apple chicken sausage, avocado, and some fruit.

That’s the only thing on the menu that I knew was close to being Whole30. I’m sure the fries were fried in canola oil, but I took my fish oil to hopefully balance out the Omega6:Omega3 ratio.

I came home and had 3 girls passed out on my coach. OOOH, I love my GFs. LOL. I was able to make the BBQ sauce and some cauliflower fried rice with shrimp and chicken sausage. I also roasted some broccolini with leftover bacon fat from last week.

I snacked on some cashews and dried mangoes, and ended up being really full. So, I didn’t eat the pulled pork that we had. I just wasn’t feeling hungry.

Anyways, that was my “wild” and crazy Sunday. Physically, I guess I didn’t have any bad effects from all the sugar and gluten I ate the night before. Except for the fact that I was really bloated when I went to bed. It wasn’t hard to eat clean today, but we’ll see how it goes next weekend. That’s when I have free time, and my mind likes to wonder to diirty eats!

Have a fabulous week!!


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