Shoulder/Tricep Killer WOD – 03/23/2011

23 Mar

Let’s just get straight into it! Our WOD at Crossfit Palo Alto today was:

500 m row
HSPU, Ring Dips, Push Ups
500 m row

Bodyweight workouts were never my specialty. My core has never been STRONG. And now that I’m pregnant, bodyweight WODs don’t really favor me. When I saw this workout I just thought, eeeh, I’ll get through it. I have to scale two of the movements anyways, so it won’t be that hard. Boy, was I wrong!!! I was already dying with the first 500m row. At the beginning I thought I could go 21 straight with the HSPUs, but nope! Not possible. That just means I scaled it just right. I added a 45# plate to the box, instead of the usually 1 pad(abmat situp pad). The rings dips were what really slowed me down, even with the assisted pink band. And the push ups, they don’t really feel that great after rings dips. LOL. Triceps were on FIRE!

Anyways, a few lessons I’ve learned. I must work on the range of motion with all 3 BW movements. It’s hard to really focus on that when my muscles were screaming at me. However, that’s the only way I’ll get better at the movement. Also, I really have to focus on core strength, and get those HSPUs. I was really close towards the end of 2010, but all that goes out the window now. I hope I’m not scared to get inverted again.

Hope everyone at CFPA “enjoyed” the workout. I hope Tim wasn’t laughing at your guys like he was laughing at us. LOL.

Shout out to FITBOMB, who was the only one who got through it RX’d in our class. Now, I have a lot of catching up to do!


One Response to “Shoulder/Tricep Killer WOD – 03/23/2011”

  1. R. March 24, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    Oh, no, don’t worry — Tim was on the verge of being hysterical laughing at us the whole time. Every time he gave encouragement (“great job guys!”) i saw he was holding in a laugh.
    i did the plate w/ pad on box as well and the pink band. And it sucked.

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