03/23/2011 – Pouring Wednesday

24 Mar

Crazy day at work with nothing getting accomplished. SIGH!! Stress Stress Stress!

I was able to get some of my bills paid and bought some spices from Penzeys. The online store has a whole variety. Can you believe I bought $50 worth of spices?!?!? Geez, do they add up!

Okay, onto my Paleo munchies…

I had some roasted sweet potatoes and 2 slices of organic deli roasted turkey slices. YUMMY! I had some macadamia nuts around 8:30, and then didn’t eat breakfast till 10:30. I didn’t eat the breakfast that I packed, and just had 3 hard boiled eggs.

I ate lunch around 1, and scarfed down some pulled pork with brussel sprouts and roasted bell peppers. I love how I can roast a bell pepper on the weekend, and it’ll be an insist side dish for the whole week. Still taste yummy. I think I like roasted bell peppers the best, as oppose to eating them raw. YUMMY!

I snacked on an apple and some homemade beef jerky.

Got home and hung out with the little munchkin’. I didn’t do any cooking today because we still had leftover chicken from the night before and pulled pork. I did put out a fish to defrost, but I think I’ll be cooking that on Friday when hubby can actually join us for dinner..I THINK. Anyways, I fed the little munchkin’ his dinner, and then started eating my “breakfast”. It was shrimp/chicken sausage cauliflower fried rice with the leftover chicken and roasted sweet potatoes. Little munchkin’ had a quick meltdown while he was trying to eat my food. He’s a very impatient little guy. lol. So I hurried him off to bed, and that was it.

I pigged out on some cashews and mangoes afterwards to wind down. I felt gross eating all of those cashews, and now they are gone. No more, and don’t think I’ll be buying anymore anytime soon.


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