03/24/2011 – What I know a SICFIT blogger?!!

24 Mar

Let’s see, I might have eaten way too much today. I was full the entire day. 🙂 I hope my baby is benefiting from these clean eats!

For breakfast I had 3 hard boiled eggs. I didn’t eat much because I had a doctor’s appt today to check up on Watermelon. He’s doing good! Hubby actually saw my belly move while we we in the room. LOL. And I only gained 3 pounds this month. 🙂 Not too bad. I would of rather gained nothing, but that’s not possible right now.

I snacked on dried mangoes(too much!) after my appointment, and picked up some Chipotle Salad. I topped the salad with carnitas, tomato salsa, and hot salsa. That kept me full until 7:30 when I finally was able to cook dinner and relax.

And my YUMMY dinner, grass fed Rib Eye:

I never usually eat fat on a steak, but I sure scarfed down the fat from this rib eye! So delicious!! It was simple to make too. I marinated the steak with the easy go to seasoning that I have…Emeril’s Creole Seasoning. You can make a batch and it will last you months. 🙂

And finally, just wanted to say Congrats to Fitbomb for being the chosen as the new blogger on SICFIT! I’m so excited to see what he’ll produce for CFPA and the Crossfit community!


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