03/25/2011 – Friday Paleo Eats

26 Mar

Let’s see, another crazy Friday at work. I couldn’t make it to CFPA because I was too freakin’ tired. Little munchkin’ was not a happy camper last night, and ended up in our bed. BLEH!!!

Anyways, I got into work before 6, and just started to get at it. I had a couple of hard boiled eggs, and then at 10 ate my breakfast. It was two fried eggs with some Broiled Asparagus wrapped in proscriutto, courtesy of NomNom Paleo.

BFF invited me to go eat at Sushi Infinity, but I said no. I can’t really eat sushi right now because of Watermelon, and I don’t like any of the other Japanese type food(tempura, udon, etc.). I snacked on dried mangoes, and macadamia nuts, which kept me full for a long time. I didn’t even eat the lunch that I packed.

I came home at 430, and hubby was home too! WOW, a whole week without really seeing hubby at night and it felt weird to see him. For dinner, I cooked up Tumeric Fish with Dill, and it took me less than 30 minutes. WOO HOO! I boiled up some vermicelli for hubby too. I had the fish with roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower fried rice. The sweet potatoes I got from the Farmer’s market last week aren’t as sweet as the ones I get from the store. I wonder why?!?!

I ended the night with a manila mango with coconut milk. TOO FULL, and I was uncomfortable! Another day of good eats. 🙂


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