03/27/3011 – Sunday Chill Day

27 Mar

Today was a semi-sunny day! I didn’t cook too much today, just the normal sides and prepped my Roasted Turkey Leg for tomorrow’s dinner. I got up at 7 with little munchkin’, and cooked some eggs, spinach, and bacon. Little munchkin’ ate up the eggs and spinach. Who eats spinach at 18 months?!? My baby! 🙂

I had some eggs and 3 stips of bacon. I couldn’t resist. I get my bacon from Applegate Farms(Whole 30 approved!). I took little munchkin’ to Trader Joe’s to let hubby sleep a bit. He’s been working non-stop because baseball opening day is this week!

While little munchkin’ napped, I snacked on some deli oven roasted turkey(also from applegate farms), and got my Roasted Portobello Mushrooms together.

I made some collard greens with bacon bits.

And whipped up some grass fed meat sauce for hubby’s staple spaghetti dish.

I use no sugar added Organicville Tomato Basil for the sauce. It’s super yummy, but pricey! I’m not sure if I want to stick to this brand of stick with the Trader Joe’s Puscanetta Sauce. I haven’t been using the TJ’s sauce because it was red wine in it, but still comes out to the same amount of sugar as the Organicville sauce(3 grams). The TJ’s is way cheaper though, and still taste great. Decisions descisions!

One little’ munchkin’ woke up, we went to the Mountain View Farmer’s Market. I came there to get 2 specific things, strawberries and pasteurized eggs. I ended up picking up eggs, top round for beef jerky, a pork chop, wild shrimp, BUT no strawberries! WTH! It was only 12:15 too!! I was a bit disappointed because I was debating on which farmer’s market to go to too(Campbell or Mountain View). I think I will stick to campbell unless I really need pork from Full of Life Farms. The eggs were cheaper at Campbell too($6 versus $8). *SIGH* Oh well, we have A LOT of fruit in the house this week, so maybe we can do without strawberries.

Hubby and I decided to go eat some Thai food in downtown Mountain View since we were in the neighborhood. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to order, but I remember reading that all curries are usually safe. For an appetizer, I ordered the beef satay, and had 1.5 sticks.

I got the chicken green curry with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and peas.

I’m not sure if this has any sugar, so I didn’t really eat much of the curry. I just really picked out the chicken, ate all the bell peppers(which wasn’t much), and some bamboo shoots. No peas for me because they are a legume. It’s sort of weird not eating this with rice, and I usually don’t order curry at a Thai restaurant.

Weird thing was after I left the restaurant, I felt really light headed. I’m not sure what was in the curry, but I sure hope it wasn’t MSG. 😦 I’m really sad that I can’t even enjoy Thai food without being paranoid. When I got home, I actually felt like throwing up. I did not feel good, but glad that the feeling didn’t last very long. SIGH!

I snacked on an apple later in the afternoon, and I really didn’t eat any dinner. I just wasn’t hungry. Anyways, I guess I used the 90/10 rule this weekend. I wish I could say I was 100% Paleo, but because of the unknowns, I’ll say I was 90%. I really need a cheat meal soon though, because I keep thinking about pizza. LOL. Have a great week everyone!


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