03/30/2011 – Wednesday WOD

30 Mar

YAY – I made it into CFPA even though I got interrupted with my sleep my little munchkin’ and hubby.

Anyways, it looks like our Wednesday strength movement for the next 3 weeks will be pistols(1-legged squats). Ugh, this one is going to kill me. Since I’m a little unbalanced right now, I need to really remember to keep my core tight, and not fall into the squat. I must take control of the movement!


I didn’t do the last set of 3 because I was already failing on the 2nd second set of 3. I kept retrying and retrying, and I was getting tired. I definitely lost the ROM since we did this in January. BLEH.

And onto our Wednesday WOD:

3 Rounds For Time

  • 400m Run
  • 21 DB Push Press(25#, 30 was RX’d)
  • 12 Pull Ups
  • How did I know we were going to run today?! You know, I thought the running was going to be bad, considering how I felt yesterday, but I got through it. I definitely didn’t try to chase the others down during the first round. They speed out there!

    The hardest part was probably the push presses. When we were setting up for the WOD, I took the 30# DBs out and tried it. Not too bad. I placed it in front of my pull up station, and then I decided to go get the 25# DBs just for safety. That was a bad mistake! As I was doing the first 400m, I thought to myself, I’m so sore, maybe I’ll just stick to the 25#. I’m tired, and just want to get a good workout in. LOL. So, yes I decided to use the 25# DBs instead of the 30#. So bad! Even though I know I could of done it, I just felt that I was still wrecked from Monday. The pull-ups weren’t too difficult, although I need to string more together. In the first round, I think I did 6 or 7 straight. I should of tried for at least 10. My goal for the pull ups was not to get off the bar too much. The first two rounds, I was able to do them in 2 sets, and the last round I did it in 3. Not good, but not bad either.

    Result: 15:47(I think)


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