04/1/2011 – Crossfit Games Sectional WOD 11.2

1 Apr

This year, the sectionals are being held individually, meaning everyone will compete on their own time at any affliate they chose. The sectionals spans across 6 weeks, and each week(every Tuesday), Crossfit will announce the new workout. I didn’t get a chance to do the first games workout, but Tim programmed the second WOD as our WOD at CFPA.

Crossfit Games Sectional WOD 11.2


  • Deadlifts(155#M/100#W)
  • 12 Games Push Ups
  • 15 Box Jumps
  • When I first saw the workout, I thought it was definitely a good one. The deadlift weight is pretty light, but as I found out, it was probably heavy enough. I was winded by the end of the 2nd round, and the deadlifts were getting harder and harder. I was able to do all the deadlifts without letting the bar go, so that’s a small accomplishment.

    The push ups was where I had the most trouble(to be expected, right?!). I practiced the games push up standards, and thought that I could do them. Since your chest needs to be on the ground when you hands lift up, watermelon was not being squished as much. Also, I felt my ROM(range of motion) was better with the games push ups. That was until I hit the 3rd round. I started to snake my way up from the push up, therefore squishing my belly a bit more than I wanted to. I decided to just give in and do the normal push up. Oh well. A little disappointed, and it definitely tells me that I have ALOT to work on after July.

    And box jumps, well, I just need to get through them, and try not be clumsy and trip. I almost did, but caught myself. My knees are going to be tore up if I fall and scap again. LOL. Not cute.

    Good luck to all those doing this WOD. It’s definitely a good one! Much props to the Terminator. He tore something in his right arm, and had to do 1 handed deadlifts and 1 handed push ups. This guy is a beast!! STRENFFF!!!


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