04/01/2011- Paleo Fuel

2 Apr

Today was an off Friday, and I was trying to think of somewhere fun to take little munchkin’. But I couldn’t really think of anywhere to go, so we just hung around the area and went to the park. Now I wished I thought of this earlier but I should of taken him to the beach. He would of had a great time.

Alrighty, onto my good Paleo eats for the day. I woke up and go myself to CFPA. I came home and had half a small yam for my PWO meal. Can you believe lil’ munchkin’ was still sleeping? Usually him an hubby are up about 6:30 playing already. So, I was able to shower and get ready real quick. Once lil’ munchkin’ got his milk, I made the 3 of us some bacon and eggs for breakfast. YUM!
I snacked on some macadamia nuts between breakfast and lunch. A small handful of macadamia nuts gets you pretty full quickly.

Before I knew it, it was lunch time and I didn’t really have anything prepared. I found leftovers(Roasted Oregano Turkey Leg) and scarfed most of it down.

I had some blueberries afterwards and sipped on some coconut water.

For dinner, I met hubby at Sen Dai sushi. I ordered 3 rolls, 1 real California crab roll, 1 EBI real california crab roll, and 1 unagi roll. none of the rolls ha rice, but I forgot that the unagi roll typical contains a sauce on it, and they drenchedy roll with it. I sucked it up and just ate it anyways. Sorry Paleo gods, I messed up. I did bring my own coconut aminos to use instead of soy sauce.

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