04/02/2011 – My 25% Paleo Fuel Day

2 Apr

I started a draft of this post with the title saying “60% Paleo Fuel Day”, but that didn’t happen. I knew it wouldn’t be a whole 100% perfect today, but really?! Only 25%. I swear I didn’t mean to go this route.

For breakfast, I fried up two eggs, sweet potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms. I had a few macadamia nuts for a snack, and then I didn’t eat until 1:30.

We went to downtown san jose because there was this local festival called SJ MADE. SJ MADE just had local vendors selling their stuff, and they also organized SJ EATS. A few food trucks came out, and it was madness! I wanted to try Chairman Bao and the Babaloo Cuban truck. We only got to try the cuban truck and I shared a pulled pork cuban sandwich with hubby, and 1 small fish slider. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture, but honestly, I didn’t eat that much. The sandwich was thin and shaped like a triangle. Definitely yummy, but not as yummy as Cafe Habana in New York.

I came home and took a nap with little munchkin’. We had to hustle and go to my Grandma’s birthday dinner at Botown(Chinese Restaurant). Honestly, I didn’t think I’d eat as much as I did here. I guess I was hungry, and a little disappointed with dirty lunch eats. Here some pics of what I had. I didn’t eat huge portions. Just had a little bit of everything(no rice though!).

I also had a slice of cake. Yes, I could of said no to cake, but I didn’t. Throughout the whole meal, I was thinking I can’t believe I’m cheating with Chinese food. This food sucks, and totally not worth it!!!! So, on my way home, I had to end my day with something yummy and really sugary!

Avocado smoothie with peals! I’m not sure if they used a real avocado or just avocado flavoring, but it definitely satisfied my cravings. I think i will try to make an abocado smoothie with coco cream or milk.

Okay….NO MORE! Back to good healthy CLEAN eating tomorrow. And when I do stray again, IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!


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