Crab Cakes Benedict

4 Apr

I’ve been wanting to make Crab Cakes Benedict since I went to Flames a few weeks back. Supposedly, they have a really good Crab Cakes Benedict, and I wonder if it is even better than Bill’s Cafe. Of course, my benedict did not contain an english muffin. I’m not good with using coconut flour to even try to make a “Paleo English Muffin”. To substitute, I decided to make the crab cake, poached egg, hollandaise sauce, and put it together with a salad. Not exactly comfort food, but it turned out really really good!

I had crab meat in the freezer, which was from a Dungeness Crab that I bought and steamed a few weeks back. I also had two tablespoons of homemade mayo in the fridge, so I already had the main ingredients for the Crab Cake.

I’m not going to repeat the recipe, because you can find it at Primal-Palate. If you haven’t visited their site, it’s a must read. They have great simple recipes and will be featured in the new Paleo Magazine.

Once I got the crab cakes into the oven, it was onto the hollandaise sauce. Jen’s Gone Paleo had an easy Hollandaise Sauce recipe which I followed. Towards the end, the eggs started to actually cook up, so I think I left the stove on a little bit too high, even though I thought the temperature was pretty low already. Still, I was happy with the results considering it was my first time trying to make this.

I poached a total of 4 eggs in water and 1 tsp. of vinegar. Let the water simmer before you add an egg into the pot.

By the time the eggs were done, the crab cakes were done as well.

I pulled everything together by using organic greens instead of the english muffin.

Super simple and tastes so good! Who needs an english muffin to satisfy a simple craving!!


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