Another FGB Style WOD – 04/08/2011

8 Apr

I’m glad I made it into CFPA today. I was sooo ready to get my fitness on. I’ve lost all motivation to workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays at work, and since I missed Wednesday’s WOD, I was definitely ready to get moving.

For our strength movement, we worked on Muscle Up Progressions. I wish I was able to do more with muscle ups, but without getting a ring dip, there’s no point in me trying to do jumping muscle ups. I must work on upper body strength as well as core. Maybe that’s something I can focus on come Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Our WOD today was a FGB style WOD with 4 stations. We do work at each station for 1 minute, and then have a 1 minute rest after we completed all 4 stations. We would do this a total of 3 rounds.

Here are the stations:

  • Calorie Row
  • Med Ball Cleans(14#)
  • Push Press(55#)
  • Med Ball V-Ups(14#)
  • I did not do this WOD Rx’d because I could not lift the 14# ball for the V-ups. 😦 Maybe I didn’t try hard enough because I was a little paranoid with the movement in itself. For the starting position, you put the ball in between your legs, and lie flat on your back. You lift the ball with your legs and sort of catch the ball with your hands. You must bring the ball over your head so the ball touches the ground, and then lift you body up, so the ball gets back to your feet. That is 1 rep. It was probably the hardest station for me. When your pregnant, doctors and others have advised not to lay on your back for too long, especially when sleeping. When I had little munchkin’, I did not do any sit-ups or any stretching on the floor. Blame it on the “1st child syndrome”. But with this little dude, I’ve sort of taken a more relaxed stance, and as long as I’m not on my back for longer than 30 seconds, it’s all good. UNLESS, I happen to feel an uncomfortable pain afterward. Then, I’ll know not to do that movement again. And now, I’ve regressed…

    The first round was sort of a warm-up round. I was getting sort of confused with the Med-Ball Clean movement because I haven’t done them in such a long time. I wasn’t sure when to count my rep. The push-press was pretty easy, and the row was good too. V-ups was where I was lacking in reps. But by the 3rd round, everything felt great. I could of done one more round even though my numbers were starting to slip. It doesn’t seem as daunting when you only have to work hard for 1 minute at each station.

    Results: R1-55 reps, R2-53 reps/R3-51 reps = 159 Total Reps.


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