Monday’s Wake Up Call @ CFPA

11 Apr

After a great weekend, it was time to get back to the grind, and get some blood moving with The Five Tribe! It’s our last week into the strength cycle, and today we worked on Power Cleans. Again, I’m just trying to maintain my strength for the next 3 months, so I’ll be happy with any number I can get that is equivalent to the previous week.

Here were my loads:

Power Cleans: 68#(3)-78#(3)-93#(1)-103#(1)-113(1)-115#(F)

These numbers pretty much equate to what I did last week. I’m still at 113, and didn’t even want to attempt 118. I just put two extra pounds on, and still I couldn’t do it. Although, I was getting tired and anxious about our WOD.

So, what did we do for our WOD?! Tim gave us a 4 letter hint. Of course, there aren’t that many WODs that have 4 letters in them. And of course, like everyone guessed, it was F-R-A-N!

21-15-9 of the following:

  • Thursters(95#/65#)
  • Pull Ups
  • While I was doing the power cleans, I was actually thinking whether or not I should do the workout RX’d. I am in my 3rd trimester, and I should be taking it easy. Instead I just loaded the bar, and did a couple reps at 65#. WOW, it seemed light! Did I just say that?! It actually seemed really light to me. Okay, no wimping out, I can do this!! I just reminded myself that I needed to take my time, and get through the movements smoothly…and breathe!!

    I got through 19 reps unbroken! Damn myself for not finishing up the last 2, but I still had 21 pull-ups to do. Again, I got through the pull-ups as best as I could. I already know that I can’t string a lot together, so I did as much as I could and dropped. I got back on it and continued. I think the 15 rep set is the hardest part of Fran. Just trying to do 15 thrusters after doing 21 pull-ups is not fun at all, and your muscles are screaming! I think I did the thrusters in 4 sets. Again, I just got through the pull-ups. Once I was on my last round of thrusters, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to go unbroken with the thrusters, but that didn’t happen, and the pull-ups were broken into 3 sets. I REALLY REALLY NEED TO WORK ON GETTING MY PULL-UPS TOGETHER! I do have an end year goal of 20 straight kipping pull-ups.

    My time was 7:52, which was way better than when I did it in January(when I was in my 1st trimester), but definitely not a PR. I was very happy with my time though. Maybe it’s because I ate bad on Saturday?! Or maybe it’s because I’ve been eating well these past 3 months. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. 🙂

    Happy Monday!!!!


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