04/12/2011 – Paleo Fuel and Need Advice with PORK!!!

13 Apr

So, no workout today. My coworker that I run with keeps asking me if I’m done with running. I keep saying “no, I’m not done, we’ll go out to run next week”, but then I get lazy the day off and just blow him off. I should try to run next week though in my new shoes. 🙂

Here’s what I ate on this fine uneventful Tuesday…

For breakfast I had 2 fried eggs with sauteed kale. I also munched on some macadamia nuts and half an apple.

I went to go get my toes did for lunch and stopped by Trader Joe’s. I picked up some dried mangoes!! BAD, I know! But I was craving it. I ate an entire bag throughout the day. Yes, kill me know.

When I got back to my desk, I wasn’t feeling the tiny salad that I brought with my ground bison. The cafeteria had Jamaican Flank Steak, so I bought that instead. I got two sides, broccoli and carrots. I didn’t finish the whole plate, because (1) I was full from the dried mangoes, (2) I wasn’t sure how the veggies were cooked, (3) The flank tasted super oily and weird to me. Definitely not grass-fed flank.

I got home, and started to make chicken soup base for my Bun Thang that we’ll have later on this week. It’s a super easy recipe, but I’m debating on whether to make my own steamed pork or just suck it up and buy it at the store. Of course, the pork at the store won’t be the cleanest healthiest pork, and it will probably contain sugar in it. Either I should skip the pork all together or not worry about the little sugar and baking powder that is in the pork and eat it in moderation. I’m not sure I can eat anything in moderation though. I’ve been known to kill a whole roll in a day. I could try making my own, but should I?! The recipe calls for 2 tbsp of tapioca flour and 1/2 tbsp of sugar. Of course I’ll omit the sugar…1/2 tbsp is not going to change the flavor. Also, the recipe calls for baking powder, which I’ll have to use to get the right texture. Tapioca flour…should I really use that?! Or should I try using coconut flour or maybe just an egg? It’s just 2tbsp, will it really hurt me? Better than buying this stuff pre-made in the store, and not knowing what they put in it, right?

Okay, but to food I ate…for dinner, I didn’t know what to eat. I just knew it was leftover day. I wasn’t in the mood for ground bison, so I fried up 1 Chicken Apple Sausage from Trader Joe’s. This sausage is yummy. It says minimally processed on the label. Maybe it’s the pork casing that is minimally processed…I don’t know, but the ingredients looks clean to me. Anyways, I took a small bunch of butter lettuce, cut it up, put the sausage in, and some sauerkraut. I didn’t take a picture this time, because my phone was charging upstairs. It was yummy though. A nice and quick Paleo dinner.


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