04/14/2011 – Paleo Fuel

15 Apr

Okay, this post is a little late, and I’ll try to remember everything that I ate yesterday.

For breakfast, I had a small serving of my mom’s beef soup. I’m not exactly sure what she put in it(maybe some sugar), so I didn’t drink the soup, I just had the veggies and beef.

For lunch, I met up with BFF and her daughter. We went to Pasta Pomodoro, and I got the special – Grilled Salmon on a bed of asparagus(3 to be exact) and small serving of Mista Salad. Everything was Paleo compliant. 🙂 Very yummy, but I guess it wasn’t enough because I had a small serving of tuna salad around 2pm. I snacked on macadamia nuts and 1 orange when I got home. I probably snacked on some dried mangoes too. 😉

I didn’t know what we were going to do for dinner, because hubby’s friends were coming over to watch the Sharks game. I had some of my Bun Thanh(chicken and egg with soup), so that was my dinner. Hubby decided to order pizza, and I was the one sent to go pick it up. WTF! Why did the pizza smell so good in the car. But eeeh, I knew it wasn’t worth it because I’ve had Pizza California plenty of times and it’s alright. Not as good as Patxi’s Chicago Pizza. Along with pizza, we had leftover Haberno Chicken Wings, so I had a few of those. So good!!

And that’s all folks…sorry quick and short.

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