Crossfit Football Fight Gone Bad

18 Apr

I need a massage! My legs are really burnt out right now, and it’s because of this fun WOD that I got to do this morning.

Crossfit Football FGB:

  • DB Thrusters(45#/35#)
  • Box Jumps(20″)
  • Push-ups
  • Double Unders
  • Calorie Row
  • Result: 219 Reps

    I decided to use the 30# dumbbell for the DB Thrusters. The last time we used dumbbells in a WOD, I stuck with the 25# DB. I figured I could handle the 30# since it was just 1 minute at the station, and I started with that station first. I’m totally feeling my hammies burn right now though. The number of reps declined for each round. I started off strong with about 15 DB Thrusters for the first round, around 12 or 13 for the second round, and only 9 for the last round. For the last round, I had to make up the reps with box jumps, push ups, and double unders. Every time I was on the calorie row, I got 10 calories. Box Jumps were slow, and so were push ups. I felt like I took too many breaks with the push ups. I did the best I could with double unders, which means 2 singles between each double under. I really need to buy that rope so I can practice.

    One lesson I learned about the DB Thrusters is that you really have to watch your form and stay on your heels if you want to go heavy. Trying to go heavy and pushing off your toes will definitely kill you in the end, and maybe even strain a muscle while you are doing them. You have to remember to keep your core tight, and use those hips to thrust the DB over your head.

    This was definitely a great workout, and I can’t wait to see what else we are doing this week.


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