Diirty and Clean Eats – 04/16 & 04/17

18 Apr

I’m was lagging on this post because I hate confessing my sins. LOL. I ate diirty on Saturday AGAIN! More sweets, but ooh so good. I don’t have any pics, so you guys can’t drool over it.

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon, I think
Lunch: Went to Sushi Sam’s in San Mateo. It’s my favorite place for sashimi, even though I can’t eat much of it right now. I had the following:

  • 3 Unagi Hand Rolls NO RICE(I forgot to tell them to not put any sauce, so I’m sure that had soy sauce in it)
  • 1 Spicy Tuna Hand Roll NO RICE(probably had soy sauce in it too)
  • 1 California Hand Roll NO RICE(the real crab probably had some sort of mayo in it)
  • 1 White King Salmon – No RICE (This comes as a Nigiri, but I only ate 1 of it)
  • 1 Ocean Trout – No Rice(This comes as a Nigiri too, but I only ate 1 of it)
  • Yes, I ate more fish than I should have and it was all RAW. I swear I won’t eat anymore sushi until watermelon is born.

    Afterwards we went to Romolo’s Cannoli & Spumoni Factory. I’ve been wanting to try this place FOR A LONG TIME, and here’s my chance. We were in the area, so why not. I was disappointed when I got there because they ran out of Ice Cream Cannolis. I bought a Pistachio and Chocolate Chip Cannoli to take home. And hubby and I shared a Tiramisu and Spumoni Ice Cream in a cup. I said NO to the cone…HAPPY?!?! LOL. The ice cream was yummy and hit the spot, but I actually like Spaghetti Factory’s Spumoni more than Romolo’s. I saved the Cannoli for later that night, and I only ate 1/4 of each. I gave the rest to my parents. Not that great, because I’m not into so much cream.

    Later on that day, I met up with BFF and another GF to go shopping. I was able to resist all the eats at the mall, because I was full from lunch. We decided to order some Thai food and bring it back to my friend’s house. I had a serving of chicken basil, green chicken curry, and 1 small piece of fish(fish might have been breaded, I couldn’t tell because of the sauce over it). I tried to eat as many veggies as I could that was floating inside the curry. It was sort of Paleo friendly, but probably had some sugar in it somewhere.

    When I got home, I had a small Chocolate Chip Bundlet that I was suppose to give to my dad. I bought it on Thursday at Nothing Bundt Cakes. Why did I even go there? Because it was BFF’s bday, so I got her a couple bundlets. 🙂 I devoured the bundlet…well 3/4 of it. LOL. Yummy to my tummy!

    Sunday morning, I woke up and yes I felt the achy and puffy in my fingers, and a little sluggish. It definitely reminded me to eat clean on Sunday.

    So on Sunday, I didn’t eat much for breakfast. I went to the Mountain View Farmer’s Market, and stocked up on veggies, fruits, and meats. I had a Carnitas Salad from Chipotle. Hubby accidently ordered the Fajita Veggies, so I had to pick that out of the salad. It has soybean oil in it. I wonder what is better, to eat the veggies because they have nutrients, or to not eat them because soybean oil isn’t healthy for you. Catch 22 eeh?

    I snacked on strawberries and jackfruit throughout the day.

    For dinner, I had a small bowl of chicken soup with shredded chicken, shredded eggs, and veggies.

    I didn’t spend too much time cooking yesterday. I just prepped all the veggies that I bought, made some meat sauce, and prepped a tenderloin wrapped with bacon for tonight’s dinner.

    I think I’ve eaten dirty every Saturday for the past month already. I have a whole list of dirty things I want to eat, and I know they aren’t healthy, I just want to try it. I’m going to San Francisco next Saturday and there a couple of places that I want to visit. Sweet shops. LOL. But should I? Should I try to stay clean or should I take advantage and just enjoy it? Because after watermelon comes out, it’s clean eating for a few months with no deviation, because I want my damn body back!!!


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