04/19/2011 – Clean Eats

20 Apr

Last night, I woke up twice with two calve cramps. One on each leg! They freakin’ hurt!!! I remember I had a few cramps while I was in my 3rd trimester carrying lil’ munchkin’. So here it goes again. It hurt so bad, I had to wake up hubby to massage my calf. I wonder if it’s because of the DB Thrusters I did yesterday. Hmm…okay enough complaining. Onto clean eats for the day.

I didn’t bring much for breakfast, and I started on snacking with macadamia nuts. Then my stomach started to hurt. I’ve noticed that it’s not good when I start to eat mac nuts in the morning. So, I busted out my two eggs and ate all my jackfruit.

Lunch rolled around and I had last night’s leftovers

I snacked on more macadamia nuts and dried mangoes. When I got home, lil’ munchkin’ had some grapes, so I had some grapes. 🙂

I went to Costco to pick up a Rotisserie Chicken and Turkey Wraps for dinner. I looked at the ingredients on the chicken, and all ingredients were gluten free, except there was sugar in it. I got anal, and decided to not eat this for dinner. Our guests would eat it, but I decided to make Peking Duck Legs for myself. Why am I so anal about a small amount of sugar. I don’t know!! Because sugar from a Rotisserie Chicken isn’t worth it?! LOL. I still picked at the chicken as I was cutting it up.

Anyways, as the duck was roasting, I cut up the last of my kale and broccoli and sauteed it with Sunny Paris Seasoning and Balsamic Vinaigrette. I also made some guacamole as a side for my dish and as a dip for the guests. Yummy!

BTW, did you guys watch the Sharks hockey game!!! GOOOOO SHARKS!!


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