Max Pull Ups and Max KB Swings – 04/20/2011

20 Apr

I’m surprised I actually woke up this morning to make it to Crossfit Palo Alto. A lot of our friends came over to witness the Sharks win in OT, so I didn’t get into bed until 11PM! I actually knocked out in the first period because the Sharks were not playing very well. Heck who am I kidding, I knocked out because that was my bedtime. Of course, I got woken up with hubby’s Hockey Teres Syndrome. LOL.

Okay onto what we did for our WOD today…

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

  • 400m Run
  • Max Pull-Ups
  • 400m Run
  • Max KB Swings(70#/53#)
  • Total Reps: 72

    The goal is to get as many reps as possible between the pull-ups and KB Swings. Once you drop off the bar or drop the kettlebell, you must go run. For the first round, I only got 7 pull-ups unassisted. I didn’t really want to tax myself, because I knew I could get more swings(used the 20kg bell). When the first round of swings came around, I only got 9 because I lost my footing!!! Dammit! By the time I got back for the second round of pull-ups, Tim told me to use the pink band so I could get more reps in – at least 10 pull-ups. So I did it and was able to get 11 pull-ups for the rest of my rounds. The KB Swings were good too. In total, I ran 6 times. On my last round of KB Swings, there was about 48 seconds left for me to get as many swings as possible. I took my time, got ready, and busted out 19 reps!! All the way until the buzzer went off. I’m glad I ended the WOD on a good note. I’m also glad I was able to run more, since I haven’t been running on my own.

    I stuck around to watch Tim and the rest of the crew do 11.5 games WOD. It looked brutal and they all killed it! Maddie was working on her 11th round by the time 20 minutes ended. Very inspiring! I heart Crossfit!


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