4/20/2011 – Clean Eats

21 Apr

Yesterday was the usually not-so-busy day at work. I was super tired towards the end of the day though. I didn’t get enough sleep from the night before, and I think the WOD got me pooped. My legs were just done for the day and I knocked out at 8:30PM!

So what did I eat for the day?!

For my PWO meal I had my usual half a sweet potato. I didn’t really pack a breakfast and BFF asked me if I wanted to roam around target and grab lunch. So, I ate my lunch for breakfast instead. Super yummy, and super filling – Roasted Peking Duck Leg with sauteed broccoli and kale.

That kept me really full because when we got to Dish Dash, we had to wait about 20/25 minutes. I ordered the my usually Greek Salad with Beef and dressing on the side. I forgot to say no feta, so I tried to eat around it. I love Dish Dash. I had to watch BFF and another coworker enjoy their Shawarmas Wraps. Those are super yummy too.

We got back pretty late, so I was busy wrapping up a task that I wanted to finish for the day. For snacks, I munched on macadamia nuts, some strawberries, and grapes. I did not feel like cooking at all today, so we just had leftovers. I had another duck leg with roasted sweet potatoes and carrots and a side of guacamole.

And that meal knocked me out. AAAH, two more days of work…Did I tell you this week is dragging?!


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