4/21/2011 – Clean Eats…Bacon Bacon Bacon

22 Apr

I must have been craving pork this week because I sure ate a lot of it. At least it kept me away from all the temptations that are put in front of me, especially since we are in the midst of hockey playoffs.

No workout today… I think I’ve given up on the Tues/Thurs workout sessions now. Is that bad? It’s going to be hard to change that habit once watermelon is out of my belly.

Now onto good clean eats:

For breakfast, I whipped up eggs and bacon, and forgot to take a pic of it. I also had a side of guacamole and sauerkraut. I buy my bacon for Applegate Farms in bulk, and I think it’s almost time to replenish.

That kept me full until it was time to leave for my monthly doc appt. We heard Watermelon’s heartbeat, so that was good. 🙂 I’m also cleared to fly to Maui in 3 weeks. Sort of getting anxious because I’m not going with hubby or lil’ munchkin’ so hopefully nothing out of the ordinary happens. I gained about 1.5 pounds this month. Not too bad, but I’d prefer not to gain any since I gained it about 15 pounds during the holidays.

After the doc appointment, hubby and I went to a Persion restaurant called Chelokababi. I’ve heard good things about this place, and it’s Paleo friendly. I ordered the Joojeh Kabob sans rice and saffron. I also got a side of grilled vegetables.

Hubby ordered the Chengeh Kabob, which I had a couple pieces of.

The one thing I was unsure of was the saffron. Both hubby and I thought saffron was a spice and we even googled it, but it’s not. It sure looks like a grain, so I was going back and forth with the waiter telling him to leave it and then telling him to take it out, and then telling him to leave it on. Until he brought it out for me to “taste”.

“Uh yea, can you just leave it out”, is what I ended up telling the waiter. I’m sure glad I wasn’t with any friends, because they would of felt “embarrassed” with my indecisiveness. Hubby is used to it. 🙂

For my afternoon snacks, I munched on grapes and strawberries, and dried cranberries with lil’ munchkin.

Dinner was a problem for me, because I didn’t leave anything out to cook. We were out of leftovers, and friends were coming over to watch the Sharks game. I used my last groupon for Stuft Pizza for them. But what was I going to eat. Pizza looked tempting, but once I tucked lil’ munchkin’ into bed, I whipped up 2 fried eggs with 4 pieces of bacon and a side of guac with sauerkraut.

Yes, the exact same thing I ate for breakfast. Why not right? It kept me away from the pizza, and gave me enough fuel for CFPA the next morning. Maybe a little too much fat, but honestly do I care right now?! NO!

Another successful Paleo day, and I’m happy!


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