04/22/2011 – Clean Eats

23 Apr

TGIF people! How did I spend my Friday? You guessed it…at work. It’s sort of slow at work though, so I did a lot of nothing.

After Tim’s Chipper, I grabbed some coffee with the guys, and then headed off to work. I was super hungry around 8:30, so I had my tiny breakfast, 3 eggs and a small bowl of guacamole.

This kept me full until 12! Yes, fat and protein will keep you satiated for close to 4hrs. But I also munched on macadamia nuts because I was bored. Mindless eating always gets in the way for me. That’s something that will need to change when I’m focused on weight loss.

For lunch, we went to Dia de Pesca. Boy this place was packed. It’s probably because it was Good Friday, and a lot of Catholics can’t eat meat on Friday. I ordered the special which was 2 Grilled Mahi Mahi tacos and a side salad, and 1 tostada Mixta Ceviche. Of course I didn’t eat the tacos and the tostada. I basically made a mahi mahi salad, and them scarfed down all the seafood from the ceviche. Sooo freakin’ good. And I thought about taking a pic too, but I was with coworkers, and I wasn’t ready to tell them I had a food blog. LOL.

I came home early, and munched on some dried cranberries (nature’s candy) and also had some strawberries. Hubby cooked a grass fed top sirloin for us with some brussel sprouts and tomatoes. It was yummy, but I didn’t finish the whole plate.

I got this piece from Full Of Life Farm last week, and for some reason, this steak taste different from the Morris Grassfed Beef Company that I get 80# from. Is it possible the grass fed steaks taste different depending on the farm?

To end the night, and I had a nice pieces of 85% dark chocolate. I’ve been craving a cookie, so I hope this subsides my cravings. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a great Easter.


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