04/22/2011 – Tim’s Chipper

23 Apr

I’m not sure where Tim got this workout, but let’s just call it Tim’s Chipper. It was a difficult one, and I could not do it RX’d because I had to sub the ring dips and superman. I asked Fitbomb to send me a picture of the WOD, because I knew I could not remember ALL of the stations. All I remember is the DB Carry around the block. Ouch!

For all the DB stations I used the RX’d weight of 35#. I was happy about that, but that doesn’t mean my form was the greatest. And it took me the longest time to get through the first 15/15 Ground to OH couplet. For the ring dips, I used the pink band. I doubt I even got full range of motion with the pink band. Ring dips are definitely one of my weaknesses that I must focus on. For the Superman, Tim told me to just do KB Swings with the 16KG bell.

All in all, it was a great workout to start the weekend with. I even have a bruise on my wrist to prove it.

Result: 19:20


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