04/23/2011 – Clean Eats plus a Visit to Treatbot

24 Apr

It’s now Easter Sunday and I’m just chillin’ at home with the hubby and lil’ munchkin. Great time to catch up on what I did yesterday huh?!

Woke up and made lil’ munchkin’ 2 fried eggs and spinach. He didn’t finish it all, so that was my breakfast. Once I put him down for his 1st nap, I put together the Carrot and Tomato Pot Roast.

Once lil’ munchkin’ woke up, we headed to Crossfit Palo Alto for a Paleo BBQ and Awards Ceremony. It was really great to meet new folks, and see some folks who I haven’t seen since the Weekend Warrior Series. Good times and definitely good food. I munched on a lot of different stuff, but my fave was Nom Nom Paleo’s Endive Crab Salad. I’m going to make some for my FIL’s birthday this Friday. 🙂

Once we got home, I took a short nap with lil’ munchkin’. For dinner, a few friends were coming over to watch Game 5 of the Sharks. Hubby grilled some steaks that we marinated with Emeril Creole Seasoning. I wasn’t super hungry, but I did eat a few slices of the steak with some spinach salad and tomatoes.

Afterwards, my friend and I decided to go get Treatbot, the mobile ice cream truck. Actually I decided a few hours ago, because I was really craving something sweet all day. And I’m glad she came over, so I didn’t look like a fat pregnant girl going to get ice cream by herself. Treatbot posted that they would be by my house, so we went for a short ride while the boys were watching hockey. I got the 408 ice cream with Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. OMG – so freakin’ goood!!

I devoured it along with two other cookies, lemon drop and oatmeal raisin. I know, I should of stopped after the ice cream cookie sandwich but I didn’t. Soooo good, and that has satisfied my craving for a whole week, I hope!!


2 Responses to “04/23/2011 – Clean Eats plus a Visit to Treatbot”

  1. The Lazy Caveman April 24, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

    I was dreaming about those deviled eggs last night. Seriously delicious. Nice to finally meat you! (Yes, pun fully intended)

    • stle57 April 25, 2011 at 8:12 am #

      It was nice to finally meet you too! Keep up the great work, and hopefully we’ll see each other more often. 🙂

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