Carrot and Tomato Pot Roast

24 Apr

I don’t usually cook with Chuck Roast unless I am making pho, and use the bone for the broth. It came with our 80# of Grass Fed Beef from Morris Grass Fed. I left it Chuck Roast out since Friday morning, so I had to do something with it today. I needed something fast and simple, so I looked up a few recipes, but nothing looked appealing. I decided just to wing it and grabbed whatever I thought would taste good.

Here is what I got together as far as ingredients:

1.5 lb. of Grass Fed Chuck Roast
1 Medium Onion, sliced
6 Carrots, chopped
1 Can of Diced Tomatoes
3 springs of Thyme
1 Bay Leaf
2 Cups of Beef Broth or Water

And here are the quick and dirty steps to get your slow cooker ready to start:

1. Lay the chopped onions and carrots on the bottom of the slow cooker.

2. Season the Chuck Roast with salt and pepper. Place the chuck roast on the veggies.

3. Pour the can of tomatoes into the slow cooker with the beef broth.

4. Add the bay leaf and thyme to the pot.

5. Set the slow cooker to 7 hours. My slow cooker doesn’t have a High or Low setting, but I would assume you want to put it on low, if yours has one.

The pot roast turned out very soft with lots of juices! I took a couple bites of the meat, and it was very tender. I would suggest putting the pot roast in the fridge overnight(along with all the juices so you), so you can let the fat come to the top and then scrap out. I’m so bad, I didn’t take a picture of the end product. Yes, I’m an amateur at blogging. 🙂


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