Is it REALLY worth it?!

25 Apr

Food cheats…I think about it all time!! You’d probably think I’m food crazy. If it were two years ago, I’d probably eat anything that has grains, sugar, milk, etc. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love BREAD! I’ll fill up on bread before my main meal comes out, and then I won’t be able to eat the meal. And desserts are my weakness! It’s weird though because when I was a teenager I never really liked desserts or cake to be more specific. Maybe it was because I never liked the cakes that my family would get order from, the Asian Bakeries. That was until I discovered Peter’s Bakery, Sweet Passions Bakery, Aki’s Bakery, etc. I remember the first time I started really loving cake was at one of my BFF’s kid’s birthday. She ordered 1 strawberry marble cake and 1 burnt almond cake, and I feel in love.

I couldn’t stop eating it.

I’ve always loved candy too. I’ve polished off a bag of mini twix with BFF before.

I love baking cookies and cupcakes during the holiday season too. Who doesn’t love baking? I think it’s just therapeutic when you can cook or bake something and put a smile on someone’s face.

Since I’ve transitioned myself to more of a Paleo lifestyle, my cheats happen less often. It went from a whole weekend, to one day within the weekend, to 3 meals in a weekend, to now just 1 or 2 items in a meal. I constantly think about the “cheat” before I do it too, debating with myself over and over again. Should I, shouldn’t I? Will I ever get to do this again? How will it make me feel afterwards? Will it make my WOD suffer even more? Will my baby benefit from it? Do I need a mental break? Is eating healthy too stressful? Why am I doing all this? Am I not enjoying life enough?!

Before, I wouldn’t even think as hard about it. Oooh, it’s in front of me, it’s the weekend, just do it. I’ll burn it off during the week…EASY! But every since I went to the Whole9 Nutrition Seminar, and doing Whole30, I have a different perspective on why I eat Paleo. It’s more about consuming meals that are healthy for you, not for instant goal such as losing weight. Of course, I’m sure it starts off that way for about 90% of the people, myself included, and that is NOT a bad thing. But soon, you start to discover and read more articles, and figure out that it’s way more about losing those inches around your belly or helping you get that PR. It’s more about taking care of yourself, and understanding that not all foods are made equal and will have the same affect in your body. A few hard boiled eggs will give you more nutritional value than a piece of toast with butter on it. That toast and butter might make you instantly full but you’ll be hungry again within 2 hours. Whereas, the hard boiled eggs can keep you full for more than 2 hours. Trust me, I’ve experienced it!

But yes, life does get in the way and sometimes we just need to “go-off roading”, as Melissa and Dallas would put it. They have put together a Nutritional Off-Roading Guide, which includes a wonderful flowchart to help all of us decided whether that one item that you are about to go crazy on is REALLY worth it! Think long and hard about it, even if it makes you go crazy!! And if you are still thinking about that 1 item, then you probably want it badly and just go for it. There’s also the “less BAD option”, but let’s be honest here? What can replace Burnt Almond Cake? What can replace ice cream? Does ice cream made out of coconut milk taste the same as my Treatbot Ice Cream Sandwich?

Probably not.

I’ve noticed that after I go “off-roading”, it’s easy to get back into the swing of things, because I feel the difference when I eat sugar and grains. My fingers get numb and achy in the morning. I’m not as hungry the next day, and can go without eating. Maybe that’s not a bad thing though, to make up for the empty calorie intake that happened. lol. But remember, eating breakfast is good for you. It’ll keep you from overeating the rest of the day.

So, what’s the main message here: Get back on the healthy train ASAP! One small detour doesn’t have to last more than 1 item within a meal. Enjoy it, savour it, and get back right at the main goal in life…to be the healthiest person you can be for you and your family! Print the flowchart and stick it in your office, refrigerator, car, anywhere!

Ask yourself all these questions, and you’ll find your answer.

Happy Eating!


One Response to “Is it REALLY worth it?!”

  1. Pam April 25, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    Love this post so much! Great insight. Kudos Steph, youre blog is awesome and inspiring!

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