Zercher Squats – 04/27/2011

27 Apr

Since it’s the first week in our strength cycle, we worked on Zercher Squats today.

I paired up with Carol and we used the fat bar which is 15#s. I only learned about Zercher Squats at Crossfit Palo Alto, and I think it’s a great strength exercise to help your front squat and back squat.

Here were my loads:

Zercher Squat: 65#(5)-75#(5)-75#(3)-95#(3)-100#(3)

We goofed on our math for our 3rd set, so we made quite a jump. Hmm…now that I do the math on paper, how heavy is the fat bar? 15 or 20#? Can anyone confirm? Anyways, my one rep max with the Zercher Squat is 140#. Let’s see if I can keep that max next week.

After Zercher Squats, we did a short wod:

4 Rounds For Time

  • 240m Run
  • 9 Power Cleans(135/95)
  • 12 Games Push-ups
  • I used 85# for the power cleans and I didn’t do games push-ups because I have watermelon in my tummy. The run felt good, I just had to remind myself to control my breathing, and breathe through my nose. The cleans got difficult after the run, but I tried not to stop too much. With the push ups, I should be able to do all these push ups without stopping, but I did take breaks on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round.

    Result: 11:10…5 seconds behind fitbomb!


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