04/27/2011 – Clean Eats

28 Apr

Another day, another dolla! Want to see how I got through this meeting filled day at work?

After our WOD at Crossfit Palo Alto, I munched on a small sweet potato as a PWO meal. I drank half of my ice coffee, unsweetened, and when I got to my desk, I was starvin’!

I quickly warmed up my breakfast which was 1 mini beef patty, 1 fried egg, and the other half of my sweet potato.

This weekend, I need to make more “emergency veggies”, so I can throw it into my breakfast. I need to eat more greens! I thought I was going to go get Chipotle for lunch because I didn’t bring anything, but I looked at my calendar and I had a meeting during lunch and lunch would be provided. I had to go to the meeting, and had no time to sneak out and get a quick lunch. Luckily, my manager had ordered wraps and salad from Dish Dash. As they were preparing the trays of food, I was sitting there wondering what I would eat. Do I just eat get a big salad? I knew I wouldn’t be full off of salad, and then a light bulb went off in my head…I’ll get the wrap, but unravel it and just eat the insides with the salad!!! GENUIS!! The wrapped look like this:

In the end, I took 3 of these wraps which contained chicken, eggplant, salad, tomatoes, and some yogurt. Yes, I normally don’t eat dairy, but this is the exception. Way better choice then what I was faced with…eating the entire wrap. And why 3 wraps?! Because once I unraveled the wrap, there was barely anything in it!

It was a freakin’ YUMMY to my TUMMY!

When I got home, I quickly prepared some Broiled Proscuitto-Wrapped Asparagus. Lil’ munchkin’ had a playdate with my friend’s kiddies who are 9 and 10. Lil’ munchkin’ had a good time, and I think the older kids did too. Once we put him to bed, my hubby seared the Sous Vide Salmon that I made last night, and we noshed on that with the asparagus. The fish is so moist and flaky. I think this is the only way I will ever cook fish again. Maybe I’ll steam fish as well, but never pan fry.

I didn’t eat all the asparagus, because hubby picked some off my plate. I ended the night with an apple. Tomorrow is my “Virtual Friday”! WOOPIE! Have a good night peeps!


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