04/28/2011 – Clean Eats

29 Apr

Virtual Friday for me, and worked just piled on. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of slide charts for the next week preparing for a customer briefing. Fun stuff…can you sense my enthusiasm?

So how did I fuel myself to get through my virtual friday?! With clean eats…DUH!

For breakfast, I had a small sweet potato. Not munch, but I didn’t bring much. I went to Starbucks with BFF, so I picked up some fruit that they had. Yes, I know…It’s not the Whole9 way to eat all carb with no protein and fat, but what can you do? I was unprepared.

I left to Great Mall to return some clothes I bought, and picked up Chipotle on the way back. Carnitas Salad with a side of guac! Yummy goodness!

Whenever they put the Carnitas into the bowl, I always say “can I get a little bit more?”. They are usually nice and just give it to me without charging. Extra meat without the extra price? Score!!! The salad kept me full all afternoon. Good thing too, because I didn’t get home until 5.

I munched on grapes with lil’ munchkin’ as a pre-dinner snack. He loves fruit…just like his MAMA!

As soon as hubby got home, I got crackin’ in the kitchen. I started to get my marinade together to make my version of Chinese BBQ Pork. It needs to marinate overnight. We’ll see how this experiment works.

I stir-fried some broccolini with Sunny Paris Seasoning and Balsamic Vingerette, and cut up some sweet potatoes and carrots to roast them in the oven. Once we got lil’ munchkin’ into bed, hubby pan fried the Grass fed London Broil that I marinated with Emeril’s Creole Seasoning. My dinner plate looked like this…

This plate got me totally full. I can’t be eating this much protein when I’m trying to lose weight. More veggies, less protein!! Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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