Weekend Clean Eats Update 04/29 – 05/1

2 May

Good morning! I’m not that chipper this Monday morning, but you can read about that in my next post. I just wanted to update everyone on what I did this weekend and what I ate. To sum it all up, I wanted to have a “treat”, but nothing seemed worth it!!! I tried, trust me, I tried. But there wasn’t anything really in my face that said, that IS A MUST HAVE.

Let’s start with Friday. It was my day off, and I pretty much munched on grapes and watermelon. Grapes were on sale at Safeway for .99/lb and the watermelon was only 3.77!! I heart watermelon! I also made Paleo Chinese BBQ Pork, which turned out good. We had people over for the Sharks game on Friday night, but they brought their own food. I ate some pork with sweet potato fries.

On Saturday, I tried to save my tummy for our dinner date at Pampas with The Five Tribe. Again, I ate grapes and watermelon. I should of munched on more fat, such as macadamia nuts, but I forgot. We went to Wahoo’s for lunch at Santana Row, and I had 3 wrapped tacos(2 shrimp and 1 grilled fish). At Pampas, I just munched on meat and more meat, only going to the salad bar once. It was delish!! And it also confirmed that I do not like lamb. Too gamey for me! I was thinking about trying the leg of lamb that they had at Trader Joe’s, but I think I can wait. Can you believe I stayed up till 12?! Not normal for me, and I had a busy day on Sunday.

I hustled early Sunday morning to go pick up lil’ munchkin’ from the Grandparents’ house. Once I got him home, I went to the Campbell Farmer’s Market to pick up veggies and fruit. This week, I spent about $60 there, because we still had lots of veggies from last week. I had to hurry because I had a brunch date with my GFs at Flames. Yes, Flames again because they have bottomless Mimosas, and luck for my GFs they were only $4 today instead of $9. Have I told you, being pregnant around girls that can drink sucks?! I was sort of tempted to just order pancakes, but I was good and had sweet potato fries, and a Farmer’s Skillet(hold the potatoes and toast). Farmer’s skillet was just veggies, ham, and two over-easy eggs.

There were lots of temptations in front of me. I should of taken a picture of everything, but let me just list it….Cinnamon French Toast, Pancakes, Gravy and Biscuits, Crab Cake Benedict, and this piece of chocolate cake!

And since I was trying hard to find something to cheat with that was worth it, I seriously thought about ordering a slice of Princess Cake right before we left. I was good though, and got out of there without indulging. Not worth it at Flames!!! It might look good, but I know it will disappoint once it actually gets into my mouth.

When I got home, we took lil’ munchkin’ out for a bit to enjoy the sun. Hubby was/is getting sick, so our plans of going to our cousin’s bday party fell through. He picked up some soup from 99 ranch. Thank god we didn’t eat there, because there was nothing there that I wanted to eat. I wasn’t going to waste my cheat meal on greasy 99 ranch food. Definitely not worth it. When we got home, I quickly put lil’ munchkin’ to bed, and to my surprise, I started to prep a whole bunch of food for the week. I just started to cook and didn’t stop till 1.5 hours later. I ended up not eating dinner til close to 9:00, and it was just some roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed kale, and BBQ Pork.

Hubby is still sick and not getting any better…..BLEH!


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