Monday Blues – 05/02/2011

3 May

**WARNING: This is a total emo-eating post, and I would not recommend anyone do this, but it happens.

I don’t know what got into me today, but I was not in the mood to work. First off, lil’ munchkin’ had a terrible night in bed, and he ended up in our bed. Hubby was sick, so he wasn’t any help. Therefore, I had to sacrifice my workout at CFPA because lil’ munchkin’ woke up right when I was about to sneak out of the house. BLEH!

On my way to work, I decided to get an iced latte! Yes, I was annoyed that I couldn’t get my workout in, so I decided to get an iced latte. LOL. Strange how my mind works, but I had my free Starbucks drink card, so I didn’t have to pay for it.

I don’t know why I thought it would taste so good. I didn’t sip it until I got to my desk, and BLAH!! Definitely not a Iced Caramel Macciatto. This is how much I drank of it.

I threw the rest out. Soooo bland!! I guess I’ll just stick to my black coffee unless I really want to go all out and put some vanilla syrup in it, and top it with caramel sauce.

I scarfed up my breakfast which was 2 fried eggs, kale, and some sweet potato.

Around 9:30, I decided I really did not want to be at work, and wanted to enjoy the sunny day. I aimed my friend to see what she was doing, and if she wanted to play hookie and go to SF. SHE AGREED!! WOO HOO! Okay, now there have been places that I wanted to eat and dessert places that I wanted to try out. Luckily, she was just happy to get out of work, and would go anywhere.

First, we went to Anthony’s Cookies, and each got a dozen cookies. I had some small samples there, and but didn’t devour the cookies that I bought till later. Here’s a pic of 3 of the flavors that I packed for my coworker. Yes, I should of taken a pic of the whole box, but I didn’t.

The best ones were the cookies n cream, toffee chip, chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin. This place is so cute. Super yummy, yet super expensive! 12 bucks for a dozen cookies, and $1.25 for a single cookie?! Definitely worth the cheat though.

Our next destination…The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Yes, an overrated grilled cheese restaurant in the heart of SOMA. I love the neighborhood here. It’s sooo cute! I’ve heard that your order can take about 30 minutes, but luckily we came right before the SF lunch crowd. My friend ordered a Cubano sandwich and I ordered the Mousetrap. We switched halves, and I devoured the both of it. It was yummy! The Cubano had a lot of flavor

Yes, I went on an all out binge, not good, but I thought it was worth it. As you can see, I don’t get out much. Lol.

We actually took a walk around the neighborhood, just to see what was around us. After about an hour, we decided to go get ice cream at Humphrey Slocombe. Fitbomb blogged about it a couple weeks ago, and I knew I had to try it. At first, I got the Vietnamese Blue Bottle Coffee Ice Cream with the Breakfast surprise. As I was eating the breakfast surprise, I realized maybe this is too much burbon. I asked the guy how much alcohol was in it, and he didn’t really know. Then he asked me “why?”, and I pointed to my belly. He’s said “Oooooh, I can get you something else!”. So I got the one that had peanut butter in it. MMMmmmmm…so good! Sorry, no pic of this one.

I got home, and had to do so much with lil’ munchkin’ because he was not feeling well. This is what I get for playing hookie from work. But after we got him to bed, hubby digged into the Chicken that I had slow cooked using Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe. It was delicious, and I had to have my own plate.

I need to finish this post by linking some direct links from Fitbomb and Nom Nom Paleo. My work is not cooperating with me!


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