05/03/2011 – Clean Eats…barely!!

4 May

Today was a busy day at work and at home. I didn’t prepare much for food, just what I had in the fridge. After all the binging on Monday, I wasn’t really that hungry for breakfast. By the time 10:30 rolled around, I knew I had to eat something before taking lil’ munchkin’ to the doctor. I had two hard boiled eggs on hand. Always have hard boiled eggs, they are a life saver when you are in a bind.

11:30 rolled around, and I had to meet my dad and lil’ munchkin’ at the Pediatrician’s office. Lil’ munchkin’s eyes started to get really watery and swollen yesterday with mucus coming out of it. The doc said he just has some sort of sinusotus. He’s had stuffy nose for a few weeks now, and since hubby was sick, I think lil’ munchkin’ finally caught a real cold. BLEH!! Not fun. That’s what I get for taking yesterday off, and using lil’ munchkin’ as an excuse.For lunch, I had leftovers from last night’s dinner which was pieces of a roasted chicken with some sweet potatoes and sauteed kale. Sorry, forgot to take a pic. I munched on watermelon and grapes as a snack.

I had put a bag of frozen langostino out this morning for dinner. I had no idea how to cook it, but I ripped through my fridge and found some cabbage and bell peppers. I started to sautee everything together, but lil’ munchkin’ was not happy. He needed lots of attention, even while my sissy was there to hang out with him. His fever was getting worse, so I dropped that and attended to him. After we put lil’ munchkin’ to bed, hubby finished off the sauteed by adding Old Bay Seasoning to it, and I just had a bowl of that. Nothing special, super easy. I think I was still full and disgusted from yesterday’s binge. LOL. It was definitely worth it though. I still had 3 cookies left from Anthony’s Cookies, and was really tempted to eat them. I didn’t give in though, because this weekend is Mother’s Day weekend, and lots of other temptations.


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