05/10/2011 – Clean Eats

11 May

Is this week dragging? Feels like it to me. Got lots of stuff to do, and I haven’t really been inspired in the kitchen. Anyways, here is what I ate…

My breakfast was my lunch again, because I only brought one meal. I haven’t been planning my breakfast very wisely, and that might bite me in the ass soon. I have a tendancy to stray when that happens, so I have to plan better. Hopefully next week. 🙂 But, I ate my chicken and veggies with some cuties.

I picked up a Carnitas Salad from Chipotle covered in salsa, hot sauce, and guac. Yummy!

I came home and munched on more watermelon. And yes, I had to pee like 8 times again because I ate so much. People came over to watch the Sharks lose, and I whipped up Red Thai Curry. I’m not going to post a recipe yet because first, the chicken was overcooked. I took the chicken breast that was leftover from yesterdays dinner. Second, I didn’t use enough coconut milk. By the time I let the curry settle, all the milk had soaked up into the chicken, and there was basically no curry left. LOL. It still had the great flavor, but I will try again next time, and do it right. My inspiration was from EverydayPaleo’s Red or Green Thai Curry recipe.

And that’s a wrap.


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