05/12/2011- Clean Eats with some Heavy Cream

12 May

This morning I woke up and was craving coffee with milk. I thought it would give me the jolt I needed to get through the day. I got a Grande Dry Cappuccino made with heavy cream. Basically it’s two espresso shots with lots and lots of foam from the cream.

I didn’t drink all of it. For breakfast I had a chicken apple sausage, one fried egg, and sauerkraut.


Lunch was last night’s sous vide salmon with asparagus and two fried eggs. I added the eggs because there wasn’t much salmon left.

I munched on dried mangoes and 1 serving of cashews throughout the day.

Friends came over to watch Game 7, and we got them pizza from Tony Soprano’s. I was very tempted to cheat, but decided it wasn’t worth it. I took out two Duck Confit boxes that I got from Costco, and prepared my beer-cooler sous vide. I basically followed Nom Nom Paleo’s duck confit recipe but left my water at 150 degrees because the duck was still frozen.

Here’s my plate…


I had a few slices of cantaloupe for dessert.

This sharks game is killing me. Score is currently 3-2.


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