05/13/2011 – Ring Dips & 2008 Games WOD

14 May

I woke up extra early today and got to CFPA before Tim, but it didn’t take long for him to arrive. This is our last day in our 3 week strength cycle and I haven’t done much this time around. We worked on ring dips, and I stuck with the purple band the entire time, trying to get that range of motion going. I’m definitely working on core strength once this baby is out. Planks, push ups, ab-mat sit ups, etc. All the good stuff.

Our WOD was a quick one, well for the “elites”. It was a 2008 Games WOD:

30 Squat Clean and Jerks(155/100)

I put 83# on the bar, and didn’t really think about going heavier. I’ve done 105# squat cleans during a WOD, but it sucked ass!!! So 83# was a good weight for me. First, I did maybe two or 3 without hesitation, but suddenly the wind caught up to me, and I rested maybe 6 -10 seconds between each rep. At the beginning, I wasn’t even facing the rest of the class, so I didn’t know how fast or slow everyone was going. I just know I was going slow, slow as a turtle!

Then around the 8th rep, I turned around and wanted to face everyone, and knew by the look on everyone else’s faces, they were feeling what I was feeling. Pure torture! Good torture though, but after every rep all of us were just pausing and catching our breathe. My form was not good either, because I started to go on my toes a lot, and then I’d cramp up. Not good. I love these fast and heavy workouts, I just wish I was going FASTER!

Result: 8:09

Happy Friday everyone!!

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