05/14 & 05/15 – Weekend Recap

16 May

Lots going on this past weekend, and I stayed mostly Paleo, until my dessert craving hit Sunday night. 😦

Let’s see if I can remember everything that I ate. On Saturday, I’m sure I started off with a big breakfast. I had two spicy italian chicken sausages from trader joe’s with nuked veggies and an avocado. I made lil’ munchkin’ 2 fried eggs with nuked veggies, but he was being picky and only ate the eggs. Hmm…I think I’m going to have to mix the veggies into the egg so he’ll eat the veggies. Anyways, my breakfast kept me full until a little past 2pm. Hubby went to Chipotle and got me a carnitas salad with a side of guac. That was yummy! We went to a birthday party around 4ish, and I had some korean beef and watermelon there. The korean beef was probably marinated in some soybean oil sugary seasoning, but what can I do. The protein part outweighed the sugar part in my opinion. At least I didn’t have cake and rice and noodles. When we got home, I got little munchkin’ ready for bed, and then had some dark chocolate and some fruit.

On Sunday, I started the day off with a small breakfast, which was just a fried egg. This is probably what caused me to eat a dessert towards the end of the day. I spent the morning going to the farmer’s market, cooking some food, and cleaning up the house. I love the Farmer’s market during this season because there is so much fruit! There are cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries out now. I stopped myself from buying so much. I ended up with cherries and strawberries this week. For lunch, hubby got me a double patty burger from in and out. We took it home to eat, and I added some avocado to it as well as half a piece of Tillamook cheese. Yummy! Hubby forgot to say no spread, so he kindly took it out for me.

Some friends were coming over to eat and watch the sharks game. I should be cooking some Paleo food for them, but honestly, I’m just too beat. I should show off my cooking skills and would like too, it’s just I get lazy. Anyways, they bought some steaks and grilled it up. I ended up just having two cookies and some guac with Sea Salt Gluten free chips. Yes, that was my dinner. Don’t ask me why, it was just a craving. BTW, I also had lots of strawberries and 1 piece of dark chocolate. Yes, too much sugar in one day. These cravings have started to get very strong, and I’m thinking I need to do a Whole30 again to reset myself. But sheesh, I eat clean 95% of the time!!! Ugh! Why do I give in!

Anyways, that was my weekend. Hope everyone had a good one. 🙂


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