05/16/2011 – The Filthy Fifty

16 May

This week at Crossfit Palo Alto, we are doing the normal longer WODs that you normally see on the Crossfit main site. Today, Tim chose Filthy Fifty. Ugh, this is punishment for just eating cookies for dinner last night. Yes, that was my fuel. I knew when I was cheating that this was going to hurt me during the workout, yet I still did it. SIGH! Lesson learned, fo sho’.

Anyways, if you don’t know what Filthy Fifty is, take a look:

I’ve done this WOD a few times with different variations. At Crossfit SV, I scaled a lot of the moves, like the Double Unders and wall balls. I believe I’ve finished it between 24 and 26 minutes. I’ve also done a birthday WOD for BFF, scaling the reps by 30. But now that I look back at that post, did I really do it RX’d? I doubt it, because I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over the 10 ft. line for wall balls.

Today, I decided to stick with the 50 reps and do basically as much as I could. I asked Tim if we could start anywhere, and of course he said “NO”. If I had my choice, I’d start with the wall balls, because they are my nemesis. LOL. I knew this was going to take me FOREVER, but I just wanted to get through it and get it done.

I took my time with box jumps, not trying to go too fast. I was the last one to finish. The next few exercises – jumping pull ups, kettle bell swings, and lunges were just easy. I just had to get through all 50 of them. Then I started to slow down with the Knees to elbows, only doing 5 at a time. Ugh!! I was able to go pretty fast with the push presses, and those were the easiest for me. In the middle of the push presses, I was asking Tim what I could sub for Supermans. Watermelon would not forgive me(or my hubby) if I did supermans. Tim said it should be KB swings, but that would be too much KB swings, so he said to skip it. Secretly, I was glad he did, but again disappointed that I couldn’t do the whole WOD. Onto wall balls, which took forever too. It probably took me over 5 minutes. I don’t know why, but the first 25, I wouldn’t catch the ball in a squat. I would first catch it, and then squat. Then I started to catch the ball in a squat and it went much fast, but still not fast enough because I WAS FREAKIN’ TIRED! I decided to do the knee push ups for burpees. By that time, Kyle and I were the only ones left. I started doing DUs, and then Kyle straight whipped out his 50 DUs super quick! There was no way I was going to catch up. But I sucked it up, ended last and finished my freakin’ DUs.

Result: 32:57(or something like that)

This is probably the longest WOD I’ve ever done at CFPA. It was definitely a good one, and I can’t wait to tackle this one again without baby in tow! I honestly can’t wait to get my conditioning and strength back on track.


One Response to “05/16/2011 – The Filthy Fifty”

  1. Fit Daffy May 16, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    Duuude… that’s a crazy WOD! Good for you for doing everything (sans Supermans) while 8 MONTHS PREGGO! 😀

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