05/21-05/22 Weekend Recap

23 May

Yes, I’m catching up on my eats this Monday morning. More cheats, so you can stop here if you are doing Whole30 with The Lazy Caveman. I don’t want to encourage you with breaking your commitment. Yes, lately my cheats have been more than 20%. I was good all week until Friday night, when I had a Asian type coconut dessert. I went looking for cheats Saturday and then I knew I was going to cheat on Sunday because I was at the Giants game. My first Giants game, so I had to eat the good eats at one of the best stadiums in the nation.

I woke up Saturday morning and made breakfast for my friend who was staying with us Friday night and Saturday night. Bacon and eggs with sausage from Applegate Farms. The sausage had about 2% of cane juice in it, so that was definitely not Paleo or Whole9 approved.

I went to lunch with the parents, and we went to a Pho Kim Lan. I got grilled pork with vermicilli noodles. I didn’t eat the noodles, and wrapped the pork with lettuce. I’m sure the pork had sugar in it, but honestly I can’t do anything about that. After lil’ munchkin’s napped, we went to the ice cream truck. Yes, we looked up where Treatbot was parked and drove to Sunnyvale and got ice cream. The last time I had Treatbot, it was so worth it. This time, not so much.

For dinner, we ordered in-n-out, and no I didn’t get a protein style burger this time. I splurged, and got a cheeseburger with animal style fries and a milkshake. Back when I was in my first trimester, I would of killed everything. This time, I ate one side of the bun(because the cheat wasn’t worth it), some of the fries, and then a couple sips of the shake. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT, but I consumed the sugar and grains already. Lesson learned, because I woke up the next day and my fingers were swollen and achy.

BUT, that didn’t stop me from eating fancy stuff at the baseball game on Sunday. Breakfast was Paleo compliant, but lunch was a Dungeness Crab Sandwich on Grilled Sourdough with tomatoes from Crazy Crab’z.

It cost 15.50 and it was freakin’ SMALL, but it was oh so good and SO WORTH IT! I only ate half the sandwich. Hubby had the other half. Also, I only ate 1 side of the bread because I gave the other side to lil’ munchkin’. It was NOT THAT BIG, and I wanted more. Instead hubby got chicken fingers with garlic fries and I munched on that. I was tempted to get a churros, ice cream, and all the other concession stand type food at the park, but I didn’t.

I knew I wasn’t going to eat well at the park, so I marinated a piece of top round steak before we left. When it was time for dinner, I grilled it up and made a steak salad with it. Yes, this weekend went picture-less because I’m embarrassed and sad to admit all this stuff that I ate. At least I know it’s not helping my health, and I need to get back onto the clean eating bandwagon. Especially if I want to continue going to CFPA and getting good times out of my workouts.


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