05/25/2011 – Deadlift Wednesdays

26 May

Looks like we’ll be working on our Deadlifts for the next three weeks. I was reminded by Tim as I was lifting, that I shouldn’t try to be breaking any PRs during the next few weeks. Boo, but he’s right. My tummy is getting HUGE, and I don’t recover as fast as I used to. So yes, I should be taking it easy. I think I’ll be doing more sets of 5s and 3s, when people are doing 1 rep maxes. That way, I can still keep my strength up without breaking PRs.

Deadlift: 103#(5)-153#(5)-183#(3)-193#(3)-203#(3)

The last time we did Deadlifts was in February, and for a 3 rep max I got 223#. I knew this at the time, but didn’t really want to break any records because 203# felt plenty heavy. LOL – Tim said it just looks like my belly is going up and down and not my chest. Great!

Onto the WOD:

For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 30 Knee To Elbows
  • 400m Run
  • 30 Push Press(05#/63#)
  • Result: 9:13 Rx’d sort of

    Nice and quick WOD, but my Knee to Elbows are more like Knee to Belly. I can’t seem to get up to my elbows anymore. Another thing to work on after pregnancy, especially putting the kip in. I’ll take fitbomb’s advice and also work on grip strength. For the push presses, I was able to knock out 10, but then quickly slowed down by doing 5’s each time. BLEH. 65# should be easy for me, and it was, it’s just my form was not perfect every single time. Gotta keep the core tight and drive that bar up. I was on my toes a lot too. Anyways, I love these quick WODs and it’s definitely something I can’t wait to do again.


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